Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some fun stuff!

Well, it's fun for me anyway - and I hope that you all share my enthusiasm when I reach out my arms and yell really really loud: "IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!" Yes, the sink arrived today and after a quick inspection of all it's many parts, it's safe and sound.

Now, what I tried to make fun and secretive really wasn't. I mean - I did do a rendering a few days ago with the sink right there for you all to see. But here it is live and in living color, and I really couldn't be happier.

I decided to go with the antique console style sink in white porcelain for the bathroom. A real steal, too, at a mere $314.95! And a far cry from the MDF vanity with cultured marble top the prior owner thought was a good fit. This sink carries all the charm of a 1920's bathroom, and in house built in 1923 - I don't think I could have gotten much better for the money. Of course, I could have spent $2000 on the Porcher Savina sink ...

which apparently was originally over $3000 and darn near the exact same thing. Granted, the Porcher sink doesn't have the molded back splash like the Nottingham Brass sink we purchased, and the legs differ slightly - but the overall feel is exactly the same, and a perfect high/low comparison on our budget.

Of course, the real joy comes once the sink is installed, but before that can happen the plumber has to make way for the support hooks that will keep the basin attached to the wall and the electrician has to move an outlet, give me boxes for sconces I've yet to decide on, on either side of the mirror I've yet to find, and give me a light switch. Oh, and I have to put up the board and batten wainscot I decided on, and lay the tile floor.

Yes, as we move further along, and I start to cross things off the list, I start to realize just how long that list really is. So as a bit of a pick me up, and to share the inspiration I found that helped make my decision on the sink, enjoy a peak at these gorgeous finished bathrooms ... one day, some day ... if only. Cheers!