Friday, February 19, 2010

My Aching Back!

I'm not sure if it was from tearing apart the atrocious vanity/sink combo in the bathroom to make way for the new sink, or it was from unloading boxes in my new office today (there is demo going on all around me!); but my back is in severe need of rest! That means I'm off to bed somewhat early tonight and hopefully will be back in shape come morning to tackle sanding the rest of the floors to make way for tile!

Oh there is so much left to do, and I'm going to keep part of this a huge surprise for you all so one last update post next week, and then I'll share the final with you very shortly! So, off to bed I go - leaving you with this picture of the tulips Scott bought me for Valentines in our living room. Simply beautiful, don't you agree? It's so nice to come downstairs from the demolition zone to see something so peaceful! Take care everyone, I'll catch back up with you on Monday!