Thursday, February 25, 2010

Debbie Doubter ...

People who know me pretty well will tell you that just after I cross the 1/2 way point in anything, I start to second guess myself. I'm terrified of making a missed step, especially when it's costing me money - lots of money - and when I'm showing it all to you, my faithful and fantastic readers!

So tonight, as we were laying the rest of the tile - which I hate by the way - I started to second guess myself. The goal of doing these projects myself is to save money, but I want more than just a novice job in the process. I want something I can be proud of, and someone else could be happy with too. The last thing I want is someone to come in after us and say, Gee, what were they thinking? This floor has been the definite drama of the project.

It's pieced together by spots of glue - none of which are the same size - and the only way to get a completely accurate line is to take the whole sheet apart and lay the tiles individually. The bathroom is roughly 100 square feet, can you guess how long it'd take me to lay over 4000 tile the size of an oreo!?!?!?!? TOO LONG! And, even if I really wanted to be crazy and take them all apart, the house was built in 1923, apparently before levels or rulers existed.

So, to stop myself from making mistakes I wouldn't if I weren't stressed out and disappointed, I called it quits for tonight and will pick the trowel up where I left off in the morning. I tell you there are interesting quirks at every corner ... save yourself the headache if you're following my lead, SKIP this tile!

Bathroom Seating

I think that one luxury everyone should have if space allows in their bathroom is a bench, chair, or stool of some sort. They give a more comfortable space than the toilet or tub edge for sitting to apply lotions, provide a space for your towel or robe while you soak or shower, and for the exhibitionist in all of us - a place for someone to rest while we have our moment in the suds. Smart planning allows for the most utility in the space as well, when you look for hinge topped stools which provide you with space for storage in the body of the furniture. That extra shallow storage is a great place for vanity mirrors, combs, brushes - that sort of thing.

So, initially, I thought that I really wanted to use a blue and white porcelain garden stool for my bench in the bathroom. Interesting in their pattern, they're a perennial favorite in homes of the north east, and with the white subway tile I have in my tub/shower, it took me back to our vacation in Newport. But after some thought I decided the garden stool, while beautiful, lacked softness - something the room is missing with it's tile, geometric wall paneling, and porcelain console sink. So, I'm opting for something a bit more substantial, with a padded top which will be upholstered.

Something similar to this:

Or perhaps something a bit more like this:

Either way, something with an open leg and upholstered seat. Keep in mind that we'll be adding a brushed nickel nailhead trim to whichever fabric we choose. Kinda like this:

Here's where you come in! I'm not sure what fabric I should use for the bench. my initial thought was linen, but then I realized this is actually a piece that could take a loud fabric, something with more personality. So, I leave it up to you!

Poll is on the right side of the blog. Just pick what you like the best, and vote. I'd love to hear your opinions too, so if you wish - leave a comment! :)