Thursday, March 4, 2010

Human Error

Have you ever changed the "swing" of a door? Let me explain.

When we moved into CdlV, the door to the bathroom opened to the right, giving the door an almost 1/2 circle swing before ending up on the only wall open for art, furniture, towel bars, etc.. I knew that we were going to have to change that, after all, if the door stayed as it was, where would I put my table for every day luxuries and a glass of wine while soaking, hmmmm?

So, I figured it would be an easy enough task to do myself. WRONG! I mean, I did do it myself, but it wasn't easy. No ma'am, no sir! It was probably the most contemplative of all the renovation moves. After 5 tries, I finally realized the hinges were on wrong and the door began to work - and close - but not level. So once again, off came the door, and then confused looks turned into hate glares magnified by the steam coming from my ears! Unfortunately, because it is the door, I can't close it and come back tomorrow. Good news is - the wainscot is finished, and I chose the wainscot color tonight: Bleached Linen. A gorgeous white with a healthy honey undertone.

Obviously - since I needed a break, here's a few more inspiration photos that have calmed my nerves. Here's hoping they'll do the same for you!


Gorgeous Bathrooms

When you start any renovation, heck - even if you're just thinking about starting a renovation you probably have collected several images that pique your interest. I've collected almost 100 images of bathrooms that in one way or another made me say WOW, and since we're almost done, I've began the process of cataloging those images. Here are just a few that I thought were really great!

*(above)* Even though this isn't a full shot of the bathroom, the tile work that has gone into this runner down the hallway is spectacular! When Scott and I decided to use the octagon/dot tile on the floor in our bathroom I knew that I in some small scale, wanted to incorporate this idea. This trellis pattern wasn't an option for us, but I did work in the band - which you all saw in the update post, here.

This bathroom is so peaceful, isn't it? Can't you just imagine what the view from that window is? I picture a vast garden of wild flowers and ornamental grasses as for as the eye can see. This bathroom has all the luxuries you could ever want, but they're not right in your face; and that I love!

I saved this picture because I thought that the window treatment was interesting, and something that I might try to incorporate in our reno. Simple shutters can let light in from above while the bottom can remain closed for privacy.

And the last one for today. When we first started thinking of what and how we would attempt this remodel there were probably 40 theories. One of which included a freestanding tub like this one, and no shower at all. There's perhaps nothing more elegant and luxurious than separates in a bathroom, i.e., separate shower, separate tub, separate water closet; but in order to make that work you need room, and if the plumbing doesn't already exist for separate pieces - money. LOTS of money.
Of course, we didn't end up with a tub like this one ... nor the separates, but the sheer elegance of this image kept me longing for that feeling in what we did accomplish - and I think we're pretty close. I'll of course let you all judge that on your own (HOPEFULLY) Monday, the 15th.
Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted in the fabric poll. I agree with the majority here and say there is better fabric out there somewhere. So, I'm on the search. Any and all suggestions are appreciated and encouraged! Just leave a comment or drop me a note.