Saturday, March 13, 2010

Storage Solutions

Now that we're putting the finishing touches on the bathroom, I'm quickly resenting that I allowed Scott to talk me out of a built in storage niche in the shower. Because we had to gut the entire shower area, it would have been very easy to install a niche. (above)

They make for easy and convenient storage of those necessary items we use every day. Now, Scott's thinking was accurate in that we have a large closet less than 5 steps from the tub. But honestly, how often do you think he'll remember to put away his bodywash, shampoo, and lotions? I know that I certainly won't do it daily. So - if I had listened to myself, we'd have a niche and there'd be no problem. Now I'm forced to go with the dreaded over the shower head rack!


No, in all seriousness - I'm sure that we have all had these atrocities at one point or another. And no matter if it came in stainless, brushed, bronze, brass - heck plated silver, they're still rusty, soap scummed messes in a month of Sundays, and money washed right down the drain. (No pun intended.) So what's the other option?

Sure = tub suspension trays are gorgeous - but they don't quite fit on the tub we have. So, I suppose it's the storage curtain for us at CDLV:

In all seriousness, it is a concern, and one I'd love to have your input on. So drop a note, leave a comment, or give me a call - what's your best storage option when it comes to those jams and jellies of bath time?