Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Common?

What does all of this have in common? Stick around to see!

Hurdles ...

Do you ever feel like you're jumping hurdle after hurdle, while running away from a moving train up a mountain in high heeled shoes two sizes too small after a sleepless night in a land you don't know? Sure you have. I mean, that's a dream that everyone has right? Right up there with going to school or work in the nude or floating?

In all seriousness, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my momentum with this project. Tonight, while painting, I realized that the caulk that was used to cover gaps in the moulding was not a paintable caulk - causing a bubbling of the paint - and in general - a crappy looking finished product.

Additionally, for some STRANGE reason, the paint is choosing not to stick to areas of the wall. All the walls have been primed, so there's no real simple answer to this one. What's worse - we have members of our block club coming to the house on Saturday for a meeting about July's Garden Walk and because I've been so focused on this bathroom, the rest of my house is a wreck. Literally. In the cross fire, I've lost the chargers to both of my cameras, and the toenail of my right big toe. Gross, I know - but it hurt, and should convince you of the dangers that exist in DIY renovation projects.

My goal was to be finished with this by Monday, that's yesterday, and still - I'm not finished, and with my new hurdle: wall pains, who knows when this will be over! I'm certainly adding the caulk story to my lessons learned post I plan on posting after this is all finished ... hopefully before Christmas ... but at this rate, who knows?

Just an update and a quick thank you to all of you who stick with me on a daily basis through the trials and tribulations of this remodel. I assure you that soon I will uncover, probably under the mounds of tools and debris, my camera chargers and pictures will follow ... say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed, tomorrow I plan on showing this bathroom that I am the BOSS!