Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happiness is ... (READ THIS POST!)

Being off on a Friday.

Yes, I'm literally exhausted, and this day is a long time coming! Many of you know, but some of you may not - I am currently in school, studying interior design. Decorating has been my passion since I decorated my mothers bedroom with no-sew fabric techniques at the tender age of 8. Don't you miss Lynette Jennings? But I'd never thought about the necessity of a degree in design to forward a lover of decor in a career. After many months of thinking on the subject, I decided to enroll to see if I'd learn anything - and I have. Oh, boy have I learned.

Sadly, the decision came at a price. #1, tuition. Learning is not always free. #2, work. I had a great job. Not only did I have quite possibly the best boss you could ever hope for, but the pay was great and the job was fun - on most days. But the demanding position, responsibility, and necessity of availability wasn't going to work with my school schedule. So, I intentionally demoted myself to a far less paying position, with fewer hours, less responsibility, and a boss that well, let's just say - isn't my old boss.

Has it been worth it? There's no simple answer. Most days I'm excited about the changes, and others I'm so weak from the lack of sleep and the frustration of having to scrutinize the necessity of an expense that I would far rather be decorating for myself, entertaining all of you - than dreaming of a book and a television show. But nothing worth having ever came free ... isn't that what they say? So I'll take my free Friday morning and sleep in, and then focus on finishing the bathroom so that I can mark one of the many "Things to Do" off of my list.

Also, please watch for new additions to a CDLV Store that I'll be opening soon. If you've had your eye on an accessory or two in my pictures, now may be the time to call it yours! Enjoy your Friday!