Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Spring, H-o-ppy Easter!

It's been a long winter here in the north east. We were lucky in some aspects - certainly the snow dropper was kind enough - but the temperatures were so cold for so long with no snow, that it felt a little off, and boy did it drone on. After an awful summer, filled with rain daily and temperatures below 70, it was so nice to bask in the sunlight - literally - today when temperatures rose to an unseasonably high 82 degrees!

What else would I do on a day so beautiful, but plant the planter in the front of CdlV. Now, you all remember what it looked like with the greens and branches in my winter spray display, here.

I wanted something completely different for spring - something low, green, and with a dash of white for a refreshing and welcoming look.

Plant list: hyacinth, white hardy pansies, daffodils, creeping jenny

I've got some spring cleaning to do now that I've opened up these windows and doors. Once that's all done I'll give you a peak at the interior changes of CDLV in the April Series I'm going to be calling: THE STORY OF A HOUSE.

Check back soon!