Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Changes Revealed!

Ok, so I know it wasn't fair to keep you in suspense like that ... but I have to tell you a secret! I wasn't quite ready to take pictures of the entire space. There was something very special missing, and I had to wait until normal waking working hours to run out and get it!

As most of you guessed, the roses were not the clue. They're gorgeous, though, right? What they hinted at was the orange hue of my foyer, and the big hint was the new, much lighter color in the background.

Here is what the foyer looked like in the summer with my blue and white china collection, along with some decor books, and loved antique accessories. It was a beautiful vignette that a lot of you commented kindly on. But the orange/clay color of the walls was starting to wear on me after 3 years, and I had to make a change.

When you walk through your front door, better yet, when guests walk through your front door, you want them to feel welcomed, comforted, and at home; and while paint and chandeliers, rugs, and accessories play into first impressions, the mood is firmly set when they notice how the entry is integrated into the rest of your house. The foyer at CdlV is intimate (aka - SMALL), and a challenge to furnish. When I first walked through the door I immediately thought - how can I put the needed entry table, and perhaps a chair without this space feeling crowded.

We moved in on December 4th, and the house was painted during the bleakest winter I've experienced here. I wanted that welcome home feeling, but I also wanted to create a since of warmth and WOW. So, hastily, I chose a Ralph Lauren rose color - and hated it from the day it went up. You want a wow, but entry halls should be neutral enough to relate to the rest of the house. Ours, sadly, didn't.

Now however, with the light blue/gray/green/taupe color on the walls - the relation to the sage toned entertaining zones (sunroom, living room, and dining room) is not so distant, and the transition is effortless.

I know, big change when you get to see it side-by-side, huh?

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm still in love with orange. But I think for a while, I can handle it as an accessory. Of course, nothing at CdlV could go unstyled. So open that secretaire door, and ...

This is of course after a few minutes of scavenger hunting for accessories. So there you have it. Part of the big changes that are happening all around the house. There is much more to the foyer, some of it still left to complete. I'll give you the whole tour when I introduce the room in the near future in my Story of a House series.

Thanks for checking in! See you real soon!