Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration Gallery

As you already know, I'm working on the dining room here at CdlV, so I've been adding in the things I've always wanted and browsing old inspiration pics, while finding new ones along the way. The picture below for example, DIVINE INSPIRATION!

My very good friend Melisa just finished up a top to bottom repaint of her entire first floor. What was once greens, creams, and corals are now more fresh blues, grays, and chocolates. Her dining room, a deep gourmet dark chocolate color with a hint of an orange undertone is awe worthy. Melisa opted for Orange brocade curtains, but I know she reads the blog and I wouldn't put it past her to run out and buy white ones after reading this! Sorry Karsten - (the hubs).

There is so much to love in this image though, from the fun cheetah print on the chair fabric and rug, to the candeliers perched on the sideboard rather than hung. The bamboo matchstick and blue and white porcelains are among my favorite room must-haves, but the rich orange hues of the antique furniture hugging the deep backdrop of the chocolate is such a sophisticated pairing, and the infusion of those fresh greens - GOBsmacked!

Now, in my own dining room, I've taken cues from this image - almost without knowing it. Lost, somewhere in the hollows of my C:drive it's been a while since I last studied it. The CdlV comparison - COLOR: green, chocolate, cream, and print, all working quite well together if I do say so myself. Don't worry, the reveal is soon.

But you know, finding this photo, I realized that there are so many beautiful rooms, outdoor spaces, vignettes, sofas ... all lost in unnamed files on my computer, so I decided to set up a blog of nothing but the rooms that have inspired me. It's a daily update of just rooms. No prose, no insight ... just amazing spaces to soak up and get inspired by. Visit it if you'd like: