Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspired Journey

Well, some of you saw that I had an aggravating Saturday. After much thought, I decided to delete last night's knee-jerk rant. Let's say - for those of you who thankfully didn't read it ... I had a rather depressing Saturday night after finding that our backyard, furniture, and my car had been spray painted. It's not extensive damage, and most of it is simple to fix, but understandably, I was quite angry.

So today, knowing that I needed to get away from the chaos, Scott and I drove to Rochester for a breather, and I came with camera in tow. Taking photos has always been a passion, a close second to decor and design. Rochester has a yearly festival of lilacs in mid-May and Highland Park, the site of the festival, is a wash of lively color this time of year. Of the hundreds of pictures I took, here are some of my favorites - right from the camera.

They've given me hope, joy, and have allowed me to see the beauty in everything. I hope that they can do the same for all of you!

Tomorrow - dining room update with photos! Can you stand it!?