Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Dining Room: Update 1

First, I want to thank everyone who commented and emailed with sincere words over the depressing news of yesterday's post. It's behind us now, and the first coat of primer has been applied to the porch, washing away history of the event entirely. So moving onto brighter, more beautiful things ... the dining room is starting to shape up! There are still things to do, and strings to tie, but it's semi-photo ready and I want you all to see the progress.

My Asian porcelains are among my most favorite things. They're interesting and patterned, and I love the sophisticated look you get from one or groupings of them ... especially on dark furniture or hardwood floors. My temple jars made great vases for blossoming tree branches. The brass candlesticks were collected in Turkey, and the lamps are a new find.

Initially, I thought that lamps wouldn't work on the sideboard, given that there is sconce light directly to either side of the window above. But when I took a good look around the very inspiring home of Scot Wood, I noticed that he layered up his lamps directly under hardwired sconces, and it looked amazing! So, inspired and invigorated, I went out shopping and was so happy to find these simple brass buffet lamps with silk shades! The difference of the diffused light from the lamps, outfitted with nightlight bulbs and the dimmed chandelier and wall sconces is remarkable, and it adds a romantic layer to the dining room. Proof in the pudding here folks: Layering lighting is NEVER a bad idea!

Don't you agree? Sconces, candles, lamps, chandeliers. They all provide a different type of light, cast a different shadow, and invigorate a different sense. The small brass bowl and decorative tray were $3.00 TOTAL for both at two different thrift stores. I couldn't be happier with the home they've made here, nestled between my double happiness ginger jars.

Now, I still have a beautiful braided trim to stitch to curtains - a custom detail I'm doing myself allowing me to save hundreds of dollars, pillows to make for the two side chairs from a wonderful velvet mohair in the most lovely shade of pale sea blue, upholstery of the three other dining room chairs in my sage/brown cheetah print fabric ... odd, I know - but it looks so amazing, and just a few more decorative touches.

It's humming right along and I couldn't be happier! Check out the false transoms up in the top right hand corner! Don't they look perfect? And yes, there is a glaring new addition to the room. The vintage zebra hide rug was a long-awaited find that I think fits perfectly here, layered atop the Persian rug. I know some of you are anti-zebra, for design and animal-loving reasons, and I understand! Please know, my hide is vintage - NOT NEW - and has been lovingly used for more than 50 years prior to my getting it.

I hope you've enjoyed the mini-tour. It's about all I could manage for this evening after working late, and painting immediately after arriving home. As soon as we're ready for another update installment - you can rest assured it'll be right here, waiting for you! I've linked up to Marty's tabletop Tuesday posts today and welcome everyone who stops by from there! If you haven't been to Marty's A Stroll Thru Life, hop on over! It's an inspiring blog you can't miss!