Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Long Weekend

This weekend is a special one for a few reasons. Of course, Sunday is Mother's Day - so Happy Mother's Day to all of you who have reason to celebrate. My own mother is in Texas, and as much as I wish I could spend Mother's Day with her, family needs keep her there, and this year, I'll be wishing her a Happy Mother's Day on the phone, while she wishes me a Happy Birthday.

That's right - Monday, I turn 28. Might as well be 98. I feel like I've had the longest year of my life. Changes at work, the addition of school, the style confusion at home, and the myriad of mini-disasters in between have all lead up to what will hopefully be a pleasant 28th year. I'm taking a few days off to work in the garden and reflect ... and hopefully, Tuesday, I'll be able to share with all of the you the fruits of my labor.

Til' then ... Happy May!