Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Twiggy Ideas

Computer still in the "shop" so bare with me while we talk about other things that I've had on my mind to add to CdlV. Today, the garden. I'm having a large themed party this summer, similar to my tent party 2-years ago - but on a much grander scale. I have great plans to make this truly unforgettable, and part of those plans include a "tree". By tree, I mean, dried branches dripping with crystals, candles, flowers, and dyed spanish moss. Yes - it's a big plan! So, for a while, I've been collecting branches and twigs to make this "tree", but have realized that they're really an eye sore, and it's much to early to have them. So ... what can I do with a pile of twigs and branches?

I've always loved the look of yard structures and furniture made from twigs. There is so much to the craftsmanship: true art. So I've been thinking - how hard could it possibly be? A brad nailer (which I already have) and a stack of twigs (check!) and voila, right?

Well, as soon as the computer comes back - I'll let you all see what I come up with! Keep your fingers cross that it's as beautiful as I've imagined.