Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Partial Reveal

There was quite a lot going on a CdlV this weekend, and even tonight - as we finished (well, partially finished) the clean up of the debris from Saturday's long day of work. Above - the garden, casually snapped tonight after I mowed the grass. Don't mind the pots of plants that have yet to be planted ... but can you believe the growth? It's hard to believe that this is only 2 years old, heck - one year old in some parts, AND that it's still May in Zone 5!

I like to add touches of whimsy to the garden each year, and last year - you'll probably remember the addition of Earl. Earl has been a good guard in the garden, thwarting off the enemy and doing his best to control the slugs. This year, he's joined by vintage chimney liners planted with Canna Lily. I'm sure that come summer it'll be a beautiful show.

But, I'm sure this wasn't the surprise you were looking for - right? Right! So we better get to it. First, I have to tell you that it was hard work. HARD HARD HARD work, and though I've not styled it to the degree I wanted, it was time to post SOMETHING, so here it goes! When we moved into the house, the prior owner, or perhaps the prior prior owner had a dog "kennel" in the back yard to the left of the garage. You might remember my post about Scott taming the yew?

We moved into the house in December, 2006. In April, 2007 - I took this picture. Pretty, right? Those yew bushes were the bain of my existence. We did everything we could to get them to stop growing - including burning out the trunk! Finally, they're gone - along with the dreaded chain link fencing, to allow for what else?

That danged pergola I've been going on and on about for how many months? Yes, Saturday it was built, by me and Scott, in just about 10-hours. We also added a new (small) perennial garden with a beautiful Royal Frost Birch tree. Oh and from the teaser ... spy those lanterns hanging? I promise that I'll have more on those and a post dedicated to the beauty of this pergola in just a few short days ... but til' then - here's a few of the highlights ...

It was my intention *(when planning) to have notched rafters. But Scott, always the wise one, asked me during the dry fit: "Do you really think you can make 60 Perfect cuts?" It took me a few minutes to see his point - and in the end - they were braced with hurricane straps and toe-nailed into the 2x6 stringers. But I hated *(STILL hate) the look of the galvanized joist supports - especially from the front. So Scott and I set out to find an option that could cover that up. Voila! A couple of 89 cent pressure treated stair spindles, and a 6x6 post cap and the solution was made. I have to give all that credit to Scott - ever so resourceful!

It's my intention to have drapes (hmmm hmmm, $4 flat sheets from WalMart) like these on all corners of the pergola - just as soon as I can find where I stored them. Don't you love that?

So what do you think of that before and after? Now ... what else can I build?