Friday, July 2, 2010

Sarah Richardson meets Pottery Barn?

Did anyone else catch Season 3 of Sarah's House on HGTV? I religiously watched The Toronto based designer share her vision of country with a complete renovation of a Southern Canadian Orchard Farmhouse room by room. There wasn't one room in the house I didn't immediately fall head over hills for, but one room in particular was the large hallway made dining room - which connected the old farmhouse to the new addition. The finished space looked like this:

Sarah used this Schumacher fabric for the walls, after Tommy thankfully found someone who could and would apply paper backing. The end result, well - nothing short of stunning, right? Sarah joined the warmth of antique maple and architectural salvage with the softness of graceful lines, sumptuous fabrics, and loads of natural light.

But what I find curious is the collection of Pottery Barn items that so closely fit into Sarah's room. Are they begging, borrowing, stealing her vision? Or did Sarah have the insider peek? Either way - there's an opportunity here for you to recreate a room like Sarah's for a lot less than the $19,300 she spent. Here's how:
It's not a direct copy of the Lotus, but similarly styled with birds and flowers and a vivid background. Rather than the warm orange Schumacher calls laquer, Pottery Barn's Brighton has a warm red background with a bit of a less subdued palatte, though still sophisticated and perfectly designed.
Spy the sconces in Sarah's design? Pottery Barn has these:

I took a close look at these in the Pottery Barn store when the first arrived. I thought they were fabulous - but a little impractical until I saw the way that Sarah used them in her country dining room. Then, Pottery Barn put them on sale, at a super low $49.99, a whopping 80 bucks less than their original price. Stick a edison bulb in it - and voila. Instant art.

And although you could buy a few Brighton shower curtains or duvets and have them paperbacked to hang in a dining room, the cheaper route would definitely be this Euro Brighton Pillow Cover - 24x24" on Sale now HERE. A mere $20 for such large scale impact on a bed or sofa, even an occasional chair will be the perfect pop of color and pattern.

So what do you think? Would you pull from the PB collection to outfit your home? Does this have you thinking about redoing a room as much as I am? Let me know! Oh, and if you were as happy with the wicker chairs as I was, they're a steal from ikea at just $89 each, and quite frankly beat the $299 pricetag for something similar at PB.

By the way ... are you looking for the perfect home accessory?
Click on the photo to be redirected to some of the most beautiful glass art ever made!