Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TUESDAY: Inspring Spaces - Mary McDonald

One of my favorite designers is Mary McDonald of Los Angeles. I constantly draw inspiration from her published work, and have learned countless styling secrets from her innumerable magazine covers, and online portfolio. Her timeless style, and seemingly effortless way of pulling together the ordinary and the extraordinary show the true value of her design eye. Her work is being showcased in magazines, blogs, online photo albums, and inspiration boards around the world, leaving you with no other option but to know Mary McDonald if you're even remotely interested in the world of interiors.

Glamorous and sophisticated, would be the two very words to not only describe her inimitable style, but also her life. Mary McDonald was raised in Brentwood, and was afforded a well to do lifestlye by her parents. She attended Parsons School of Design and began her career as a milliner. As you can imagine, she was quite good at it - with designs featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair. Now, she's moved into interior design - and oh am I glad she did.

There are some rooms that transcend interior design. They tell a story, and leave you longing for the ending, or the "what happens next" moment. Mary’s very refined and purposeful design language translates into a style that is totally fresh, while remaining relatable, chic, and covetable.

:Click on the picture for the full - large page scan of the feature:

I remember the first time I was "introduced" to Ms. McDonald. It was in the November/ December issue of Veranda 2008. Her beautiful home in Bel-Air was featured for Christmas, and I was captivated, no - lost - in the pages of her feature. I immediately began seeking out her spaces to absorb her work. I find her spaces inspiring, fun, and classic. Here's hoping you do to!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for a few photos of the garden of CdlV when I participate in Susan at A Southern Day Dreamer's Outdoor Wednesday.