Saturday, August 14, 2010

SATURDAY: Design D'Jour - RL Fall 2010

Yes, Design D'jour is supposed to be about CdlV, but when I noticed today that Ralph Lauren Home had posted the Fall 2010 collection, I just had to post it here. The design team at RL really know how to put it all together, and have been an inspiration to many of the rooms and vignettes around CdlV. This year's Fall Collection is called Heiress, and as you can see just from the gorgeous photo of the skirted vanity table above - it's all about the lush and luxurious; the romantic and the aged; the grace that comes with both true love and decay.

The set: a seemingly dilapidated mansion, a more elaborate Grey Gardens, as it were had my mind whisked away to a place with overgrown gardens, stucco walls, and a glazed patina that only time can apply.

Something like this. Perfectly desolate, intimately structured, and unfortunately worn. Of course, this only exists in my imagination, but it will make the tour through the photos from the collection much easier to relate. Shall we work our way inside?

So what do you think? Gorgeous no doubt, but does it feel "Fall 2010" to you?