Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday: My Design Star Take

With the Top 3 narrowed down to 2 in Design Star last night, I figured that the world of design blogs would be a buzz this morning. So, I had to interrupt my scheduled post to give you my take.

When the network introduced the designers and their portfolios to America back in May, I formed an opinion of which three, (based on portfolio's) would make it to the top. They were : drumroll please : Tom, Emily, and Trent.

I believed that each one had an inspiring portfolio worthy of admiration. I saw pieces of myself in the rooms they created, and the influence of top designers who almost all of the blog world covets on a daily basis. (Myself included!) Take a look at my favorites from each:


A little Dan Marty, A little Eddie Ross, A lot Ralph Lauren; I felt like Tom had the eye that was able to marry things that were loved and inherited with the things that were necessary and new. He was/is attractive and knowledgeable, but above all - he inspired me.


Trent has an eye for design, similar to Barclay Butera. That beach aesthetic that most of the US craves - both those in climates that are directly relative, and those that only wish they were steps from the sea. He had/has a great smile and again, was/is inspiring.


Come on, let's face it. She's got a feminine aesthetic that will relate well to almost all of HGTV's viewers. I see Sarah Richardson in her work, maybe a little Vern, too! It's soft, comfortable, elegant and rich -and who doesn't want a little of that in their home - feminine or not. She's cute as a button, and her styling career could prove to be a huge benefit to her and having her own show, and of the three - she was/is my favorite.

Of course, it's not all based on talent. Nope! No reality show ever is. There's likability - by judges, networks, television monitors, and editors. So, I chose my top 3 based on looks alone:
Dan, Courtland, and Casey. Why? Do you really have to ask?

So, considering my early predictions, I wasn't too surprised to see the top 3, selected to compete for the title.

I'm not going to lie. There were episodes this season that literally put me to sleep. I questioned the ability of the casting directors to scope out talent - and I quite honestly hope the network did too. But this was a good show. They went back to their roots: glass houses. Remember the first season of Design Star? David and Alice designed glass houses, too! And after watching the rooms come together, my favorite hands down went to (surprise, surprise) Emily:

Genevieve said it best: "Emily, your room looked really rich! And it's hard to make a glass box look rich." It was rich! It was fun and flirty, traditional and modern, and paired my favorite colors together in a palette that is simple and sophisticated.

Thankfully the judges agreed with me, and sent Emily into the finale with Michael - and next week we'll watch them compete for the title of Design star. Now, you know what I think - who do you think will take this season?