Friday, September 24, 2010

FRIDAY: Vignette Fridays - Artie's On The Hunt

Have you ever come across a photo on a blog, on a website, in a book, or a magazine and then tried to find it again? The details a little fuzzy, but the picture vividly recognizable ... if only you could find it.

That's been my challenge for the last two days. Searching endlessly through blogs and facebook, flickr and saved files for one solitary photo. Who's responsible for this stunning room that's given me a search headache? Dan Marty! When DMD had a showroom at LA Mart way back in 2009, a photo circulated online for a few days and the mysteriously vanished - apparently for good. A beautiful living room set up in the corner of the showroom, walls beautifully finished in Farrow & Ball's Broadstripe 1315. (Thank you Brooke Giannetti for the lead.)

The format for the paper is diagonal, but DMD hung it horizontally, widening the space and making for a dramatic overall effect. I was able to come up with this image via of the same wallpaper but a different room in the DMD showroom.

Taken with her iphone, the photo was exactly what I needed to prove that I wasn't going crazy, and that I had indeed seen the space at the DMD showroom. Why was I so intent upon finding the image? Firstly, I'm in love with the russet/salmon/clay/terracotta/coral color. It's so rich and the depth is amazing. A few of my coral lust photos from the saved bin:

Secondly, I've been working hard on several projects, one of them my own home office and after some thought, and some real LUCK, I have copied (sort of) the Farrow and Ball paper without even trying!

You see, a couple of years ago, I found a wallpaper from Candice Olson by York that I was all too happy to copy. I didn't though, because I never found a stencil that would work. I did keep the paint - and a little blue tape later:

Yes, my stripes are 1' wide ... for a few reasons. (1) Laziness - I didn't want to have to level out a room full of 5 1/4" stripes. (2) I think that for the space the larger format stripes work best given the size and the row of bookcases on the opposite side of the room. In the photo above you see the entry wall and alcove - which will soon become my small (but effective) home office. Until then, I suppose I should show you what I worked on this week using my Paint Crush: MSL Silhouette:

A tease, but a perfect taste of what's to come as I put this space together piece by piece. This week, the vignette of my design books, paired with collections of Scott's cook books and our own faves, asian pottery, turkish metalware, pheasant feathers and reminders of our sweet Wadju look great on my newly faced bookshelves, painted "Silhouette" and calling out FINISH ME WILL YA!? So with that I leave you to comment, link up, re-direct, and get inspired with these gorgeous Vignettes from around blogland.

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