Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday: Three Things ...

Of course this week I decided that I was going to redecorate my home office. It seemed easy enough, but as with any project - there's always something that doesn't go according to plan and takes your timeline right off track. Especially when it's a project of your own. I did get a chance to do some shopping though and sure enough as with any week found two websites, and three photos to share with you.

1. LONNY magazine's catalog of inspiration:
I love logging into LONNY magazine to get my monthly dose of cool. This month, I logged on and there was a new screen: Decorate. A catalog of gorgeous rooms and styling perfect for inspiration. Best part it's super easy to right click and save to your personal fave files. Check it out, there's bound to be something you'll love in a host of images you have probably never seen.

Here are a couple of my favorites from today:

2. The second thing I found this week is the website: COLOR HUNTER! This is an invaluable resource for designers and bloggers. You simply upload your photo and the site gives you the color code and pallete from which to work with. Simple, inventive, and you can play around with as many pictures as you want! Best part, FREE!

I'm hard at work on putting it all together - the home office - Stay tuned!