Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frustrated and Exhausted, but ...

So I really did have the best of intentions ... honestly. I was going to put together my home office corner tonight and give you all a peak at the transformation. Unfortunately - a few things were MIA and it left me more than a bit unprepared for photos and all of the projects that I had intended to complete.

1. My camera battery, lovely little thing, exhausted. My camera charging cradle, lovely big thing, MIA. As you've surmised, one is useless without the other.

2. My staple gun ... gone. Where it is, who knows? No ransom note, no dear john, nothing. Just gone.

The type A side of me is screaming - go get a staplegun and a charger - and yes, I've done it before, but the sleepy side of me says go to bed, they'll understand, and you can wow them tomorrow.

Who wins? Who do you think!? Of course, type A. I'm headed off to buy a stapler right now (at 11pm none-the-less) and a third, yes third, charging cradle for my fancy schmancy camera that wouldn't know a double a battery if it snuck up on it and covered up it's flash! Why do they have to make these DSLR cameras so difficult, anyway?

Updates soon ...