Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Semi-Finished Home Office

A couple of years ago, while browsing an antique store in Lockport, NY I came across a large set of caribou antlers that I just HAD to have. I forked out the mere $60 without blinking an eye - knowing that I was getting an amazing deal, and at the time I thought I had the perfect place for them. I was wrong, and the poor antlers ended up finding home in my guest room for the past 2-years. Until now:

I've got a bit of a handle on the area that will be my home office and design reference center. Of course, it's not finished - but my late night run to find a staple gun and battery charger left me with little time to put together the entire room for you. That's coming shortly, I promise! I desperately needed a place to keep all of my design books, fabric, and paint swatches that could share space with Scott's cook books, and finally we're almost there.

When it came to the wall above my desk I knew that I wanted to use the antlers, and everything else sorta fell in place - all of it laying hostage to my basement until just a few days ago. And although it's different than anything I've showed on the blog and CdlV, I'm in love with this space - and am excited about the final product coming together.

Speaking of antlers in the office, I'm not the only one who thought it was a good idea, though. Check out these home offices that have displayed their collection of antlers right above their think-tank!

Let me know what you think of the space - better pictures coming Friday for Vignette Friday - get yours together! Link for sharing will be up by Thursday evening at 10pm.