Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday: Vignette Friday Week 12

As you all have surmised, I've had a lovely, but very busy week. It left me little time to take photos or stage vignettes of my own ... though I could give you a lovely picture of my luggage strewn around the dining room. hehehe, no really, I'm not kidding.

Because Vignette Friday's is all about inspiring and motivating, I decided to share a space that completely inspired and motivated me that Lynda of Focal Point posted this week about her first time design project for a friend in Florida.

I've been following her progress since the beginning and have been impressed with her choices and dedication to the clients budget! You can start at the beginning too, just click :here: This week she posted the nearly completed condo, and I was blown away by the afters.

I mean, come on - is this inspiring or what? And to think that she started out with the before and these thrifty finds:

Notice the transformations? Great job Lynda! Everyone, please stop by and give Lynda a much deserved pat on the back, and check out the other befores, gorgeous after and in progress photos, and vignettes of her project!

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