Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogger McSicky

I'm sick. Very sick. And it doesn't matter how much medicine I take, or sleep I get, I still wake up feeling worse than I did the day before. I'm not sure how much longer I'll feel (or look) like Blogger McSicky, but til' I get to feeling better - please bare with me.

I've decided (probably within the last month or so) that my absolute favorite color combination is gray and brown. It doesn't matter how many times I see it - or what type of design it is, i.e., traditional, transitional, modern, or country - I'm in love.

Aren't they lovely? So, of course that's sorta where I'm heading with CDLV. The color palette anyway. It's not incredibly difficult, seeing as how there was so much brown in our house to begin with. The dining room is probably going to see the most change ... as the table will go round, and the chairs will go french. Do you remember when I set my dining room up as a library?

I absolutely fell in love with the round table in the room, and knew that eventually we'd move to a round pedestal table at some point.

Our current table (above) is beautiful, but completely useless! You can make out (to the left-center) the leg of the table, and vaguely the leg trussel under neath. The leaves are stored under the table, and pull out from the end - meaning that you can only put 1 chair on the long side of the table comfortably. Everyone else has to straddle a table leg or gets 10" of table top to balance a plate. I figure a round table (on a pedestal) with a leaf making it oval when needed with a skirt is the perfect alternative and will let me keep my existing buffet and cabinet (in living room) which I love.

This room already looks much different with just the paint change. The rugs are gone, in favor of simple seagrass with chocolate brown banding and I'm hoping that I'll get my energy and health back soon enough to finish it all up and show it off to you! Til then, what do you think about round tables?