Friday, January 7, 2011

Get it for less ... French Inspired Wood and Metal Chandeliers

You've seen them everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! From Veranda to House Beautiful, blogs, books, your neighbors ... but you've not known where to get one that wasn't upwards of  $3,000! Right?

Shades of light has a great option of only $399! Yes, $399! With 6-lights, it's more than $1,000 less than the over-used Aidan Gray version, and I think more fun! 
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Shades of Light has tons of coupon codes that you can find online by googling. These can save you upwards of 20% if you choose to order the chandelier above online. If you purchase it, let me know! And if I can talk Scott into it ... you might be seeing it here, soon! Of course, there are others! Yes, I told you I was on the hunt, and I pulled in a pretty nice variety. For a mere $304.20 you can have this version from Arcadian Lighting.

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Gorgeous, right? It's much heavier looking than the first, but that could be perfect for you! Plus, at almost $100 cheaper than option 1, it's a real bargain! Talk about look for less, right? If you are a designer, or are working with a designer and can order at wholesale, these top two fixtures are available for trade only at You have to order at least $500 to meet their minimum, and freight shipping at 15% is the only option - however, you'd be able to shop from more, and buy more than if you were purchasing at retail. If you don't have a designer, email me. Another option from Arcadian is this 8-arm antique white version at only $327.99:

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 Now, the white may not work for you - it wouldn't work for me ... but I could see how a water/paint mix of taupe or light gray could change the overall look of this drastically. The same manufacturer, World Imports makes a 6-arm version for only $278.99 available at Arcadian, too!

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Pretty great deal, right? For under $300, you can have the same look of those multi-thousand dollar designer rooms! I hope you all rush off and fuel the economy by purchasing these beauties, and if you do - let me know how they turned out!