Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obsession: Gray and Brown

I'm so sorry I've been quiet these past few days ... I promise, the blog has not gone dark. I've been working at getting the house put back together again (all the kings horses and all the kings men ...) because we're having Scott's birthday party here tonight at 7pm!

Here it is 12:35AM, and I'm painting the foyer. Again.

This time though, I'm loving it. A soft gray/brown from Martha Stewart called Monks Cloth. And it is that beautiful gray brown of linen/burlap used in Monk's cloaks:

Here's the combination we've got going here at CDLV, Restoration Hardware's Graphite in the living, dining, and sun rooms with MS's Monks Cloth in the foyer. As much as I wanted to push my house into the "Swedish Spotlight" I realized that it wasn't something that I really could do with ole' CDLV. And it brings me to a point that I'll blog about in the future. Good Design is as much about listening to the bones and architecture of the structure as it is paint and fabric. But, not to digress ... after all, it has been a week - on to what I have in store today!
I do need and want, (crave really) a lighter overall look to the house. So - how do you take a chocolate brown room and make it light? Good question - off to the inspiration file:

Great rooms, right? All with chocolate or deep taupe walls - but no foyers. Keep looking ...
Yes, I know - it's not paint. But you get the idea ... poking around a little more I found a GORGEOUS combination of chocolate and linen:
Can we take a moment and pour over this image? All the things I want in my dining room (sans the settee) ... turn leg ottomans with turkish kilim upholstery, french cane seat chairs, round pedestal table, and seagrass. I.N. L.O.V.E. What about you?

Pictures of our house (redone) will be on the blog this coming Tuesday for Inspiring Spaces ... so check back for the way it turns out ...