Saturday, March 5, 2011


So after all of the joy I had earlier this week, dreaming of my fabulous gray sofa coming to CDLV to jazz up the joint, the furniture store calls to say that they mistakenly sold the sofa to me, after already selling it to someone else. Not a problem, they say, they'll order one in the same fabric at the sale price they had marked the floor model. Superstitious me, however, thinks this may have been the queen of design saying I needed to keep looking. So ... I'm looking, and looking ... AND LOOKING!

But it's more than sofas, I'm looking for chairs, office desks, tables, bars, shutters (Yes, shutters!) You'd think that I was unhappy with everything. I'm not ... just want a change of scenery (this cabin fever has gotten the best of ole' Artie) and I'm searching for the most economical way to get it!

Til I figure out my madness - anyone got any ideas?