Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabulous Find

What would you say if I told you this chandelier is cheaper than most designer throw pillows?

Would you believe that you could buy this one and the dining room table and chairs for less than the one you've seen hanging in the rooms of this Month's Veranda?

And what if I said you could buy a pair of these and the chandelier to match for less than your car payment!? Slap a few silicone tipped light bulbs in this baby, and you're on your way to a million dollar look that you probably never thought you'd find at these prices.

Some of you read my post: Get it for less: French Inspired Wood Chandeliers back in January, but one of my great readers, Marlenda did and shared in the comment section the link to these great pieces which are better looking, and cheaper than the ones I showed in the first post!

HOW CHEAP? Chandelier 1: $270! Yes, $270!! (Melisa, are you reading this? You need this in your dining room!) Chandelier 2: $370! Yes, two tiered, perfect for a large dining room or foyer for $370! UNHEARD OF! And the sconces ... are you sitting down? $130! I'm not going to repeat that one ... ok, yes, I will! $130!!! WOW! Oh, and if those prices aren't enough to get you going ... SHIPPING IS FREE!

Now, everyone ... 1, 2, 3: THANK YOU MARLENDA!

Let me know if any of you buy one of these! I'd love to see them hanging in your home!