Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by David Kleinberg

I design with one feeling in mind: happiness. I want my spaces and those people who have the opportunity to see them on this blog - or in person - to be happy, too. I recently (well, not so recently) took inventory of my surroundings. The physical, and the emotional, and have made some significant changes ... putting one good foot forward, and starting to refocus, and stay firmly on the track I had began to deviate from before.

Through the months, I've studied rooms of designers, hoping to find that feeling: happiness. I've shared lots of those rooms with you every Tuesday, but today - I smile even as I write this post. I hope you find the happiness in these rooms. I know I certainly have!

David Kleinberg is a New York City based designer with a true eye for creating sophisticated, modern, but always comfortably interiors. The moment I first laid eyes on the spread he had in October 2009 Veranda, I could tell that I would have a love affair with his portfolio. Calm, tranquil, personal ... the rooms that Kleinberg produces are really of the gold standard. His biography has a line: "I don't like a lot of clutter, and oftentimes find that a singular object speaks volumes and makes the room a success."

Now you know me and clutter ... but I think I'm starting to see things Kleinberg's way. Afterall, with a thriving career in interior design, and famed tenure at Parish-Hadley Associates, I think he's got an eye we can all trust. Without further ado: David Kleinberg.

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