Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blue Mood ... You Saw Me Standing Alone ...

You know, I really like blue. I've always liked blue. When I was a child and someone would ask me, "What's your favorite color?" I'd instinctively answer back: "BLUE!" I wear almost exclusively blue, something about the way I look in blue, just makes me feel good. But because we had TBTG, blue was never really something that I thought I could pull off. But now that he's gone, I'm getting inspired:

So what do you think? Are you feeling sorta blue, too!? I gave in, bought some blue a few days ago. A mate for the new sofa, and boy am I in love!!! Tomorrow (today) I have a full day cleaning, painting, moving, rearranging, swapping, sewing, and preparing for the arrival of her highness on Friday. Keep it tuned right here - you don't wanna miss the reveal!