Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Megan Rice Yager Interior Design

I love San Antonio, Texas. I grew up just a couple of hours away, and visited family there often. In fact, my younger brother stayed in San Antonio after college, and still lives there. The beauty of the area, the history of the downtown core, and of course, the Alamo - who wouldn't like to take a trip to San Antonio? Now - I know you're thinking "Why in the world is Artie on a rant about San Antonio?" Well, it's the sometimes home of an inspiring designer I wanted to share with all of you today.

Designer, Megan Yager has a background in high-end floral and event design, so she's used to working with color and theme, creating a fresh perspective on classic style with an incredibly sophisticated use of color and proportion.  She's no stranger to published work, in fact, she's been photographed for House Beautiful, and recently was named one of Traditional Home's 20 to watch. Conversely, I actually found Megan through http://www.homebunch.com/ back in January before she made the Trad Home top 20, so it's nice to see her getting well deserved praise.

You can view more of her portfolio on her website: http://meganyager.com/gallery2/main.php or you can hop over and visit her blog: http://www.meganyager.blogspot.com/. Enjoy: