Saturday, June 4, 2011

A change in the CDLV Gardens

The Gardens at CDLV are really pretty special. Not in the "oh my garden is so much better than yours" sorta way. They're special in that I knew absolutely nothing about gardening when I planned, designed, and planted them. So every year, when I get to see the green come back up through the freshly thawed ground, I smile and say - how special! Last year I didn't spend as much time as I wanted in the garden. I started out with the best of intentions - but due to some challenges to great to bare, I threw in the towel and let the gardens fend for themselves.

So this year I've got a project in mind, and I wanted to get your thoughts. See that area to the far left of the picture above? That had been my project last year. The addition of our fountain and a new reclaimed brick radial. Now I'm in the mood for change, and due to my lack of interest in cleaning up last fall, I have to either redo the radial or put in something completely new. Drumroll please ... The inspiration: