Monday, June 6, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Lars Bolander

I'm posting this a little early because it's such a long post, and full of so much inspiration. Plus, Wednesday will be my recap on Million Dollar Decorators - so having a few more hours of Lars Bolander was the least I could do.

A master, and true pioneer of Scandinavian and Swedish design, Mr. Bolander, beautifully combines the modern and antique with the trusted and tried methods of traditional design. Self-described as being grand and gutsy, yet cozy and simple, Lars' design sensibility has people from across the world inspired to understand, love, and relate more intimately to interiors.

Published in just about every design magazine in the world, author of books, and a standard feature in Swedish design blogs, Lars is vastly public and easy to access, but you may gain more knowledge of him and his business by logging onto:

As I move more toward a light and fresh palette at CDLV, he's been a great inspiration to me, and I hope he will be to all of you. (This is a long one, so get your coffee) Enjoy: