Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Though Martyn Lawrence Bullard and his design firm have a great portfolio for viewing on their website, I'd like to take the opportunity today to showcase one home of his work recently featured in Architectural Digest. Now, many of you watched along with the rest of the blog-world as Bullard worked his magic on rooms and homes of designers on the Bravo Hit: Million Dollar Decorators. A lover of color, texture, class, and elegance, Bullard pulls together great rooms time and time again, and has a wealth of published portfolio work, million-dollar clients (more extensive than the celebrities that we heard about on the show) and an elite lifestyle perpetuated by the theory that the more coveted the decorator, the more solid the work, and the more heavy the commission.

Lifetime clients of Bullards, the Osbournes (Sharon and Ozzy), have nothing but good things to say about Bullard. Sharon even gave the induction speech at Bullard's induction into the International Designers guild. In June, Architectural Digest did a story covering the new home of the Osbournes, in Los Angeles' gated pacific coast Hidden Hills. Though not what we'd expect from a billion dollar grossing musician who sang "Hellraiser, I put a spell on you" and purportedly bit the heads of live bats in concert, it definitely had high-class the MLB way written all over it!

Stunning right? And by the way, uh hum, does anything look familiar? Though Bullard bought these bottles at the Los Angeles boutique: Maxfield, paying hundreds of dollars for one, thousands for the collection, you may remember that I make similar bottles which have been for sale here, here, and here. Of course, mine are of the same outstanding quality, made in the same exact way, but for much less.

So, why not start your collection of bottles like Sharon's today, but for mere fractions of what MLB paid. If you're interested in purchasing any of the bottles featured above, please email me at artie.vanderpool@gmail.com  and I will send a paypal invoice with shipping to you immediately. All bottles will be sent no later than 2-days from your paid order, unless otherwise stated. (Note: If a bottle you see that has been sold, a similar one can by made at the same price.)