Friday, August 19, 2011

A Picture is Worth ...

Dining Room Bar - Our Home
My good bloggy friend Joan, from the amazing blog for the love of a house, has a series on her blog called "snapshots". They're pictures she takes of vignettes, furniture, flowers, even the light and shadows as they pass through the many windows of her home onto her gorgeous interiors. No real commentary, just a picture ... worth a thousand words.

Inspired by Joan, I decided to start a similar series called "A Picture is Worth ..." All pictures of CDLV (Casa de la Vanderdogan) as I see it. I know that I haven't been sharing much of our house, and there are too many reasons to list. I know that a lot of you read the blog for the writing I do about other designers, and the collection of inspiring photos by one designer in one place ... but there are others, the tried and true, who know what CDLV is all about and long for a reminder every once in a while.

Thank you to everyone who reads, and especially to those of you who leave comments on the blog. I know it takes some extra time ... and I sincerely appreciate it. This blog wouldn't be worth doing if it weren't for all of you. Enjoy: