Friday, August 26, 2011

Skirting Inspiration ...

Now that I moved the secretary into the dining room to act as a bar,  I had a lack of flat surfaces in the foyer ... an important element, given the amount of mail I bring in daily (along with keys, cell phones, wallets, magazines ... you get the picture, right?) So I started looking for inspiration, and voila.

The wonderful thing about a skirted table in the foyer is the sheer versatility of it. In a pinch you could use it as a server, a bar, a desk, (and if you have a blog - they make great blog posts! tehehe) so I figure it was time for Casa dela Vanderdogan to have one too. I've made the table (an archaic blend of 12" pine and 2x2 firring strips) but now it's time to make decisions on fabric. Any ideas?