Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flower Power

No matter which shelter mag you pick up, pages of blogs you peruse, or design books you buy - the power of fresh flower arrangements in styled rooms is beyond match. I've been giving thought to the flowers that I'll be doing for our little photoshoot, and have decided that simple is the way to go ... after all, flower arranging is not the first skill listed on my decorator resume.

The other thing I've noticed, and really just recently, is the addition of green apples in styling. Have you noticed it too? Someone wrote a blog about it, but I can't remember who! Can someone help me here?

Isn't this picture of Steve's ( kitchen amazing? He blogged about his $900 renovation today - and I promise you, you won't believe the before and afters. Check it out here:

So tell me, do you prefer simple or elaborate flower arrangements? Do you prefer to make your own, or indulge in designer arrangements from your local florist? Do you have a favorite flower to work with - let me know!