Thursday, October 20, 2011

Comfort Works Slipcover Review, and a Coupon Code

I searched high and low for a sofa for CDLV after kicking big green to the curb, figuratively, of course. I tested more than 20, with random, yet supervised visits from both kind and annoyed store employees from Pottery Barn to Restoration Hardware, and even had friends in Dallas give me butt feedback on sofas offered by Wisteria. In the end, I chose to spend the money on what I thought would be a temporary solution at Ikea.

I chose the traditional frame of the Ikea Ektorp loveseat. It's beautiful apartment size scale is perfect for the small rooms of our home, (70.5" wide) and I've been pleasantly surprised at the comfort, and construction of the piece. What started out as an inexpensive temporary solution, turned out to be the perfect fit, and though the colored and patterned slipcovers Ikea offers for the Ektorp loveseat range in price from $200 - $400, the white canvas was an incredibly reasonable $11 at the time, and I purchased 5 in the event an accident soiled 1 or 4, as I'm sure we're likely to do.

But I didn't have to worry about those plain white slips for too long, because I found an amazing source for affordable, custom fabric slipcovers made for the Ektorp and several other Ikea lines. Comfort Works, an Australia based company has slipcovers for all of these Ikea covers. From Karlstad to Klippen, and they offer slipcover fabric choices from more than 60 prints, solids, velvets, linenseven leather!! - you name it, you can find it at Comfort Works.
Actually, Comfort Works specializes in leather covers for the Ikea frames! Yes, LEATHER! I was shocked and intrigued, but in the end I chose the Linen Blend, Lino Brushed, for the slipcover on our sofa. I couldn't help but fall in love with the description of the fabric from their website: Premium Linen upholstery which stays cool in summer and warm in winter. This timeless linen fabric is undyed and will grace your space with a soft and clean warmth of elegance. Lino Broadweave is 360gr/sqm. Warmth of Elegance? YES, PLEASE!
But because I wanted to make absolutely sure that the fabric would work in the room, and not compete with the sandy hues of the seagrass, I requested a FREE sample pack from Comfort Works, which they sent out right away. After I made sure it'd work - and oh did it ever work - I ordered the slipcover! They got right to work on the cover (and a custom cushion cover - as I just had to have the full length lumbar pillow ala Restoration Hardware) and before you knew it ... it was here!!
It fits like a dream, in many ways better than the original white ones that I bought at the store! The linen blend is soft and - true to their promise - brings the warmth of elegance to the room! The zippers are heavy duty, and the sewing is impeccable!
I worried about the whole ordeal, but when it got here, safe, sound, and PERFECT, I realized that I spent all that time worrying for nothing! In fact, I started to give thought to some other options for additional slips. After all, they're incredibly reasonable - and don't you think that these would work in my room, too?

Or I could go velvet ...
So many beautiful options! But thankfully, with the amazing construction of the linen slip I just got - I can wait a while before I make a decision!
You however, have a wonderful opportunity that I think you should JUMP at right away!
That's right! If you order from October 21st (TOMORROW) to the 23rd, you'll get FREE shipping. FREE! And you'll most likely have your slipcover for the holidays! No measurements to send, no strangers coming to the house to measure, no hoops to jump through - just pick your sofa, pick your fabric, and enjoy free shipping, and an AMAZING slipcover for an even more amazing price!

I love mine, and I know you'll love yours, too! Now head over to now and take advantage of their great offer! Remember, enter ILOVECW at checkout!