Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

I confess! I don't pinterest! I know! I got the same reaction when I confessed that I don't twitter, and I only check and post to facebook once a month! I'm simply too busy to keep up with multiple social networking sites, and I choose to bring my thoughts and inspirations to the blog instead.

I have, however, been entirely grateful, and super excited to see more and more pins (and re-pins) of projects and pictures of CDLV from all of my great readers! It's so good to know that you all love:

There are many, many more - but I want to thank all of you for finding my work inspiring! I promise, there will be much much more of my original designs on the blog going forward! Hopefully I'll see more of them pinned by you! And in the event you haven't joined, well - I guess urging you would be like the pot calling the kettle black, now wouldn't it?