Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LOVE ... Candle Hurricanes

Burlap, Plaid, Wool, Leather, Logs, Snow ... what's not to love?

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for checking in with me daily, even in my absence. It's been so rewarding getting your emails and comments. I'm so happy that you find these posts inspiring for the holidays and I hope you keep finding inspiration as they post daily. Speaking of inspriation, my friend and long-time follower Maryanne recently started an inspiring blog that I hope you put on your sidebar, and visit often.

http://www.aforeverhouse.com/ or click on the photo or find her on my sidebar

Mimi is a wonderful blogger, and as many of you who have blogs know, getting started isn't always easy. Her posts are fun, informative, well written and researched, and have inspiring photos from her own home, and from other shelter sources.

She's lucky enough to live in one of my favorite areas of the country, the Brandywine Valley, and so I'm looking forward to seeing lots of local posts from her, but mostly can't wait to get a closer look at her lovely home. 

A Forever House living room. Isn't her living room amazing? I love the coffee table, the chaise lounge, the soft color palette, the wonderful mix of antique and trendy building a beautiful room that's so perfect for lounging and enjoying a book, or entertaining a large group.

A Forever House dining room. Now, I'm pretty sure that mimi had this table custom made. We talked about it once, and she sent pictures to show the detail that I now can't find. But here's what it looked like on Thanksgiving from her blog. Isn't that chandelier amazing? Love the toile curtains and the large urn with the braided branch corn palm, oh and those herbarium pages framed on the wall!

Can't wait to see more? Me either! Check her out http://www.aforeverhouse.com/, I know you'll really enjoy your visit!

And back to Christmas themed candle hurricanes to help with your Holiday Decorating ideas: