Friday, January 13, 2012

Congratulations Scott!

Scott had the great honor of being named Buffalo's "Cook of the Month" by the Buffalo News for the month of January.

Focusing on the time he spent in Adana, Turkey, Scott prepared a beautiful turkish menu for the editor of the column, Andrew Galarneau, and photographer Robert Kirkham last Wednesday morning.

Scott made a fried zucchini pancake topped with Istanbul pilaf, and pomengranate cumin dressing.

Served along side pita rubbed with bloomed mediterranean spices.

Dates, feta cheese, cream cheese, and walnuts are wrapped in filo dough to make a wonderful appetizer.

And cinnamon yogurt served with cognac glazed apricots garnished with mint, pistachio and slivered almonds. It was delicious, and entertaining. Both Andrew and Robert are brilliantly witty and as you can tell from the photos and article here, very good at their job. Take a look at more photos and recipes online at the Buffalo News, here, and congrats to my Scott - you deserve it!