Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Buffalo Spree Home Feature

Buffalo Spree Magazine, is Western New York’s only city and regional magazine, and has been focusing on the arts, entertainment, fine dining, local history, local events, and local people for 45 years. For the last 4 years, they branched out into the shelter magazine market, and bi-annually print their Buffalo Spree Home feature publication.

I blogged about the photoshoot this fall and anxiously waited for the magazine to print all winter long. Then got my copies last week, and was pretty pleased. You never quite know what to expect with this sort of thing. The photographer, KC Kratt, took so many photos while they were here, and although I knew there was no way I would have a 25 page feature (wouldn't that be nice) I had my pics for what I thought they'd choose.

For instance, I had hoped this shot would make the cover of the magazine. A vignette on our dining room table that I styled for the photoshoot. It didn't make the cover, but the editor did choose to put it in the front of the magazine as a "First Glance" to my feature on page 62.

There were other shots of the dining room that didn't make the final cut. But you can view my shots of the dining room here:

A rarely seen room on the blog, our foyer. The chair is the lone armchair to our old dining room set, which I turned into a sort of bergere chair with the square down seat cushion. The pillow is axis hide, and came from a very dear bloggy friend. Fabrics are from Calico Corners. The gilded footstool is covered with an antique red rug remnant, and the lantern is from Shades of Light.

The article was written by Nancy J. Parisi, a free-lance writer for the magazine. She did a wonderful job.

Our sunroom. Or a corner of it, anyway. The hand-carved warrior was a purchase Scott made long before we met in Miami. I'm not a fan of televisions being turned on in photos - but it's something the the photographer does for Buffalo Spree Home. 

The living room and sunroom seating areas. I was surprised that these two photos were so small, but again, it's an article - not a photo spread.

Our front facade and pergola area in the backyard. It's a spring magazine, so I suppose I understand why they used exterior shots - but I hate that photo of the front of my house. The photographer showed up when the sun was in the wrong spot, and the tree shaded the front of the house, making the house appear so dark, and the garden almost unrecognizable. I knew that his shots of the front were going to be this way - he did too, so I took a photo of our house when the light was right ... but I guess the layout didn't accommodate the portrait composure. Here's my photo:

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Not at all! I just think for the magazine this shot was better given the light that was available when the photographer shot the front of the house. 

And that's all they wrote, folks! They also post the magazine online, but it hasn't updated yet. As soon as it does, I'll let you know. If you're interested in seeing more photos taken by me of the house you can click on the photos on the sidebar, or see

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