Thursday, April 5, 2012

Question ...

Alright bloggy friends. I'm in the middle of switching my fall/winter dining room look to a softer, lighter look for spring and summer. You might remember that what feels like decades ago my dining room looked like this:

It wasn't terrible, but the table had a lower tressle that made it incredibly difficult for hosting anymore than 4 people at that table. I believe that they call them "Breakfast Tables" which makes sense, I mean how many people do you usually host at breakfast? Anyway - it wasn't working for us. So, I opted to store it, along with the chairs, and get something new:

Well, old - actually. I got this great antique Early American Empire table, along with chairs I spent days gilding for the dining room. Not only did it make the dining room look so much bigger on the days we didn't need to seat more than 5 or 6; the table has 5 leaves, meaning I could  seat 16 comfortably. I say could because I realistically, I don't think 16 people would fit in my dining room.

I did all of this in the fall - so the brown burlap tablecloth from Ballard Designs, and my chocolate drapery were perfect choices. Now that we're moving toward Spring, I want something lighter - and with a new round table, that means a new skirt.

So here's the question - and please leave your answer in the comment section below. If it were up to you, would you go with option one, or option two?

The Triple Skirted Table

Option Two
The Pleated Skirted Table

Wish I could find more examples of this ...

So, there you have it - one or two? What do you think?

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