Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some New Decisions About The Blog, and FOYER WEEK

I have shared a lot of photos on this blog over the last 4 1/2 years, some of them I've taken of travels, our home, friends' homes and favorite stores ... but most of them have been found through hours and hours of scouring the internet. Most of the time, if I'm finding photos for a particular post, I will credit the photos immediately. Other times, I don't even think about it and by the time I find a post that the picture "fits" I forget where it came from!

Now that I've lost all of my saved images and have to start all over - I'm vowing to credit all of the photos you find on the blog that were not taken by me, to either the designer, the photographer, or the original site I found the photos on. This means a lot more work for me, but it ensures that credit is paid all the time, to those who deserve it.

Also, the Kitchen Month I did on the blog was by far the most successful month I ever had. I don't know if it was just because it was all about kitchens, or if it was because you knew that you could rely on the same topic each day, but over 100,000 readers tuned in this past February!! So, each week, the blog will have a "theme". It might be room types, colors, flowers, furniture styles, lighting ... heck, it could be baskets; but we'll start on Mondays and until Sunday you can bet that at 7:30am you'll find 10 inspiring photos about the same topic all week.

I'm getting a late start, but this week lets kick off our new theme with something most of us have and all of us find difficult to decorate:
THE FOYER : The Black Front Door

I am starting off Foyer Week with my favorite statement to the foyer, the piece that you touch before you ever see the room beyond, the front door. More specifically, a black front door:

Found: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Designer Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel

Designer Credit: Windsor Smith

Found: Elle Decor Lookbook

Designer Credit: Suzanne Dimma

Designer Credit: Stephen Knollenberg

Found: Southern Accents

Designer Credit: Tom Sheerer

Designer Credit: Vicente Wolf

Tomorrow - The Foyer: Lanterns