Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Foyer : Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a sometimes difficult design element to fit in your home. Many of you live in homes where the walls seamlessly blend into other spaces, leaving you with a question of where to stop the paper. In a foyer, you can usually stop the paper easily, and make a big impact with very little money - thanks to the narrow square footage.

Whether you choose a natural paper like grasscloth, or a very expensive hand painted paper from a paper maker like de Gournay or Gracie Studio, the foyer is the perfect place to make the investment. My two favorite wallpapers for the foyer:


Designer Credit: Miles Redd

Chinoiserie Wallpaper in Foyer
Tory Burch's Foyer

Design Credit: Thomas Jayne

Design Credit: Parish Hadley

Found: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
And although I know this is not a foyer, it's an example of a way you can get the look of a fully papered foyer without the commitment. Most Chinoiserie papers come in numbered panels - making them incredibly easy to frame. 


Found: DecorPad

Designer Credit: SMW Design - TartanScot

But what happens if you're not the be all, end all when it comes to design decisions in your home; and your partner is absolutely against wallpaper? Well - there's always paint! And if you're looking to make a big impact in your foyer - think of going bold and dark:

Designer Credit: Courtney Giles

Looking for the perfect brown? Have your Benjamin Moore store mix up a sample of Martha Stewart Living: Monks Cloth. (If they can't do it for you - email me for the formula!) It's absolutely the most perfect gray brown for bedrooms and foyers. You won't be disappointed. I love the foyer above, because it shows how wonderfully the brown combines with antique gold frames, and jet black. You might remember that I dabbled with brown in my own foyer (for all of 20 days!) ...

And if bold and dark is just too gloomy, try something with a little more vibrant:

Designer Credit: Christopher Drake - House Beautiful

So there you have it - the end of week one of our Theme Weeks here on Color Outside the Lines. What did you think? Wanna keep going at it like this?