Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Powder Room : Lighting

Along with a toilet, and a sink with faucet, another important piece, and what we'll see next is lighting. I have some very definite ideas about lighting in a bathroom. First, Sconces:

Photography Credit: Susan Gilmore

Designer Credit: Tommy Smythe

Photography Credit: Andrew McKinney 

Designer Credit: Ginger Barber Found: Cote de Texas

Found: DecorPad

Found: Architectural Digest Home of  Ed Filipowski & Mark Lee

Designer Credit: Sarah Richardson

My biggest pet peeve in a bathroom is over the mirror lighting. Not only is it incredibly ugly - I mean, I've never seen a good looking option for over mirror lighting; but it's harsh lighting that makes everyone (and I mean everyone) look less than their best. Sure, I don't put make up on in the mirror - but I like to look my absolute best when I look in it! Sconces are so much better. Not only are there thousands of choices when it comes to good looking sconces to fit your aesthete, but the light you get is so much more flattering. Because sconces are typically hung at face level - there aren't any shadows casting down or up on your face, and instead give you an overall warm glow. An Artie's ABSOLUTE must in any bathroom! Especially powder rooms.

Next, overhead lighting. Most powder rooms are incredibly small spaces with low ceilings and not a lot of room for a hanging light. So, let's take a look at flush and semi-flush mounts. (By all means, if you have the space and the headroom, I'd go with hanging! Remember - the space will define the light.)

All lights available at Shades of Light.