Thursday, April 19, 2012

Powder Room : More Lighting - Lamps!

I got an email from a reader after my lighting post asking me this question: "Artie, I love your blog!! The post you did on lighting for powder rooms were beautiful and I agree with you about sconces providing a much more flattering light. But I don't have sconces, and can't really afford to have them installed right now. What can I do to give some flattering light in the bathroom? Do you know a good source for sconces that don't have to be wired? Keep blogging, you're SO good at it!" 

It's a great point. We don't all have money to revamp our bathroom from the ground up, or have an electrician come over and install expensive sconces. So what do you do when you want a quick fix on a budget?

Designer Credit: John Saladino

My first and preferred solution: Lamps! If you have room on your bathroom vanity - and most of you do, cut the overhead off in favor of a lamp or two!

Designer Credit: Brooke Giannetti

Found: here

Designer Credit: Joan (fortheloveofahouse) found here

Designer Credit: Lisa Epley

Like my reader though, if you don't have room on your vanity for a lamp, there are several options for plug-in sconces that'd be perfect for the bathroom, and remember, you can have ANY sconce wired for plug-in very inexpensively. Check my favorite lighting resource: Shades of Light.

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