Monday, April 23, 2012

Gray and White Living Rooms

I struggled to get the strength to blog this week, I've been working on a project and have been met with some huge hurdles - ones that I'm having a hard time jumping. It's driving me crazy, and I've been losing my desire to find inspirational images. That was until Joni, my bloggy friend, and author of Cote de Texas blogged about Sally Wheat's new changes to her house in Houston. All of a sudden, the light turned on and this gray and white post came to be:

Designer Credit: Sally Wheat via here

You have no idea how much this is inspiring change at CDLV. I've been getting a little bored with my decor. I know - it's silly. I just changed it. But I crave change, I desire change, and I think that change can be a really good thing. Of course, change would be easier if I just had more money. Can I get an amen?

Alright - so in keeping with the spirit of themes, gray and white living rooms that might get you thinking about a little change up of your own! 

Found: Canadian House and Home

Found: DecorPad

Designer Credit: Ashley Goforth

Found: At Home in Arkansas

Found: DecorPad

Designer Credit: Gluckstein Design

Found: here 

All the rooms are beautiful, but none of them are as beautiful (IMHO) as Sally's as photographed by Joni: 

Designer Credit: Sally Wheat via Cote de Texas / Photgraphed by Joni Webb

Are you going ga-ga over that chair? Ah - love, love, love this room! I'm leaving you here - and depending on what I encounter tomorrow - you might not see me for a bit ... lots of work going on around here. P.S., thanks to everyone who bought their CDLV scented 324 Luxe Candles! I can't wait to hear what you think!