Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dissecting Sally Wheat's Room

Designer Credit: Sally Wheat, Photographed and Featured by Cote de Texas author Joni Webb

Have you ever become obsessed with a room? Of course you have, we all have - sometimes we become obsessed with several rooms at one time, or quickly leave our last obsession when something better comes along, right? Right now (as you clearly know from the last two days of blog posts) I'm obsessed with Sally Wheat's living room as featured on Cote de Texas. I'm sure Sally Wheat is thinking ... who is this weirdo, and why is he dissecting my room? (Who am I kidding ... Sally Wheat doesn't read my blog!!!!!) 

Seriously though, this room is without a doubt, one of the most lovely I've seen in a very long time. Filled with items that are vintage and unique, with just enough trendy must-haves to keep it relevant to published, this room is clearly the work of someone with a lot of talent and a unique vision. 

My favorite slipcover source, mail order company Comfort Works is already working on a slipcover for our sofa in ash gray velvet. And while the arm and line of my sofa is much more traditional than Sally's, it's a step in the right direction. Next, see that gorgeous pillow on the Tara Shaw chair to the right? It could be Scalamandre's velvet leopard print fabric, but it also could very well be Calico Corner's designer go-to Jamil Natural. They are almost impossible to tell apart except for the price. 

Found: here

Since they introduced this fabric in the Fall of 2010, it's been hard to keep it on the shelves. Featured in just about every shelter magazine, Jamil has gotten some amazing press - and it has looked absolutely perfect in every room it's been used in. 

Found: Calico Corners Flip Book

Printed on 100% Cotton Velvet, it is again a velvet fabric with a beautiful texture and softness. I think velvet might be my new favorite fabric ... pardon me as I digress. In this room Jamil pairs up with much more colorful fabrics than in Sally's room ... and still, it's a knock out, right?

Designer Credit: Ashley Goforth

Here in that quintessential Houston style, Jamil pairs up with the stark white and rich charcoal in this Houston Condo designed by Ashley Goforth. I love Jamil as upholstery on that French cameo back chair. Hmmmm.

Designer Credit: Ashley Goforth

Upclose and personal ... look at that fabric glow against that dark wall and white desk. The chair appears to be faux finished in a bluish gray with gilded accents. Something to definitely keep on the mood board.

Designer Credit: Martha Agnus

Ooo, a case of which came first? Here Jamil pairs up with the same chair finish. If you're into that whole Swedish repro and import crazy, or already bought into it ... this fabric is a sure fire way to jazz up the muzlin that those chairs come with. 

Designer Credit: Palmer Weiss

I believe that this is the Scalamandre fabric used as a budoir pillow against this kelly green velvet sofa. But again, almost impossible to spot the difference between it and Jamil, so I really can't say. Beautiful pairing though ...

Found: here 

Photographer Credit: Paul Costello

I still think that pillows are the way to go ... but you never know what I'm going to come up with. Those fully upholstered French chairs are really quite good looking ... what do you think?